HIS 3626 · Fall 2016

In this course we will assess the tools, knowledge, and practical considerations necessary to succeed as a teacher of United States History. We will analyze national and state objectives (C3 framework, Common Core, and the NC Essential Standards) and consider the differences in teaching U.S. History at different levels (middle vs. high school, AP, honors v regular, IB). Students will also learn how educators across the 6-12 spectrum construct summative and formative assessments for (and of) learning by focusing on the promotion of historical thinking and inquiry.

Issues in Teaching U.S. History is geared towards students who want to become effective teachers and curriculum designers of a U.S. History-based course. As a result, students will develop an American History curriculum portfolio, a professional portfolio website, and a working philosophy of teaching history and social studies.

Primary objective

To empower pre-service teachers to design and implement a student-focused U.S. History course

Specific objectives for this course
  1. Students should be able to … identify major questions and themes in U.S. History
  2. Students should be able to … explain how they will balance major questions & themes (with the realities of covering material and addressing state and national standards)
  3. Students should be able to … locate appropriate, relevant, and quality resources for instruction and student learning
  4. Students should be able to …develop a curriculum portfolio geared towards making American History relevant and engaging to adolescent students
This course aligns with the ASU Dept. of History’s goals and practices for 3000-level courses.

Important: Read class policies

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