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Week 1

None – Introduction Week

Week 2

Why did you enroll in this course, and how do you expect this course to meet your goals for becoming a history educator?

Included in your response, include an image or video of yourself (or that represents you best), a brief personal biography, and an interesting tidbit.

Week 3

[As mentioned in class, the questions  you will see each week are “break-in-case-of-emergency”- questions and suggestions to help you with any potential writer’s block. You do not have to address them if you have your own argument or topic to blog about.

Your goal is to synthesize the readings – cite or quote them as needed – as you present your own arguments and thoughts on this week’s topic. Please remember to use hyperlinks when first citing a source.]

  • Do you buy Wineburg and Schneider’s argument that history educators have had it all wrong by focusing on facts and details first in order to develop a student’s ability to evaluate the past, rather than beginning with the evaluation of sources in order to build knowledge?
  • How does the state exam for American History reflect the new Bloom’s taxonomy?
  • Suggestions: Find evidence (or examples) of how the cognitive levels in Bloom’s revised taxonomy shaped particular questions on the released state exam for American History.
    • You might also think about what Wineburg and Schneider suggest, and how their ideas could influence (or alter) the way a US History teacher would approach their curriculum and state exam preparation.

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